February 05, 2012

Online bioinformatics tools and resources

Online bioinformatics tools I've updated my collection of online resources for genomics, sequence analysis and phylogeny - click here or on the "BioInfo" tab above.

These are all the tools that I use regularly in my work, so they're geared towards comparative genomics (mostly vertebrates), gene and protein predictions, sequence alignment and editing as well as different methods and applications for phylogenetic analyses. If you think there's a great resource out there that's missing, let me know in a comment below! I first put the page together for the people in my lab so that we could share all the same tools, but now it's more or less our informal start page. It's fantastic that so many researchers have developed all these great methods and are willing to make them freely accessible online. My work would certainly be impossible without that spirit of cooperation and openness. It does warm the heart to be part of a scientific field and a culture where this is the norm rather than the exception.

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  1. See www.virology.ca for:
    Base-By-Base (MSA editor)
    + others


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