August 16, 2010

Book tip in Swedish: Om hjärnan

I'm back from my 5 week vacation, only to be thrown right back into work. What can I say? There are articles to be submitted for review and conferences to prepare for so there is no rest for the wicked. It's all good though. I just wanted to pop in to give you a quick book tip and let you know what I worked on a lot earlier this year.

The publisher Fri Tanke is publishing parts of Oxford University Press' "A Very Short Introduction" series in Swedish translations, starting out with "The Brain: A Very Short Introduction", "Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction" and "Free Will: A Very Short Introduction". Find more info on Fri Tanke's website. I had the pleasure of assisting on the Swedish edition of "The Brain" by fact-checking the translation. See? That's my name on the copyright page below so you know I'm not lying. I even got a little biography blurb at the end of the book, and the opportunity to suggest some further reading.

I spent many an evening and sometimes many a sleepless night back in January and February working on this, and it's the first time I get to do something of this type, so I'm really pleased that the outcome turned out as good as it did. If you're looking for a comprehensive and easy to understand introduction to the brain in Swedish, I really can't recommend anything better. The book is called "Kort om Hjärnan" by Michael O'Shea and that's the very pink book cover at the top of the page. It came out while I was on vacation in June so I haven't had the time to really comment on it until now.

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  1. Cool, that's pretty awesome!

  2. Wow! How did you get that job?

  3. Tanai: I know! Thanks.

    Florian: Connections... my boss knows someone who knows someone who works with the publisher.

  4. As a molecular biologist turned immunologist turned science writer in a time when neuroscience is exploding, I have been looking for a book puting the basic things together for quite a while. I´ll run and buy it!


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