May 02, 2010

Quick check-in

Just checking in real quick to say what's up. I'm having the half-time review of my thesis on Friday the 28th and I have to hand in the material to my review committe during the coming week, so this past month and in particular the past few weeks have been really busy; studying, finishing up some of my research for publication and most of all writing, writing, writing. I'm really excited about the outcome so far and I hope to share it very soon!

There are several posts that are in the pipeline that I haven't had the chance to finish, in particular something I'm working on about the myths and misconceptions (and the truths) about atheism and intelligence, and also something about falsehoods, so I'm going to get on top of that as soon as I have a bit less to do. It's just that times are a little bit too exciting for anything else right now.

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  1. The picture...says it all, or hides it all...

    I cannot help wondering where does your mind wander when it finally manages to break loose from you...

    Life, as you well know, exists beyond a piece of paper...


    And sweet dreams (to become reality)!


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