February 23, 2009

Quote: David Attenborough in Nature

I don't really believe in having heroes or role-models, but if someone comes pretty damn close to being one it's David Attenborough. He has the following to say in the latest issue of Nature.

Why is teaching evolution now more important that ever?

Because of the influence of the Bible's book of Genesis, which says the Lord God said 'go forth and multiply' to Adam and Eve and 'the natural world is there for you to dominate, you have dominion of the animals and plants of the world'. That basic notion — that the world is there for us, and if it doesn't serve our purposes it's dispensable — has produced the devastation of vast areas. We have assumed that we can build a house on it, dig it up, put tarmac over it; that's OK because it's there for us. In finding solutions to our ecological problems we have to understand evolutionary processes.

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