September 11, 2008

A little attention

To my amazement, I find that my entry on FOXP2 evolution gets a mention on the Public Library of Science (PLoS) blog in an entry highlighting bat research: At PLoS ONE we're batty about Bats. I didn't actually have that much to say about the article in question, Accelerated FoxP2 Evolution in Echolocating Bats, but thanks so much to PLoS for the wink anyway.

This is what little I wrote regarding FOXP2 in bats.

FOXP2 has diverged more in echolocating bats than any other group of vertebrates. This further implicates FOXP2 in sensorimotor coordination and vocal learning, which are requirements for echolocation. The same pattern could not be seen for echolocating whales, presumably because their echolocation is mediated through their foreheads and would not require sensorimotor coordination of their mouth and face.

I think the entries by Language Evolution and Neurophilosophy are a lot better, so if you're interested in the subject you should go and read those.

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