March 02, 2008

Brief report

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic. Aside from trying my best to keep up with my research, I've taken the mandatory research ethics and philosophy of science graduate course as well as prepared and carried out an electrophysiology computer lab and a literature seminar for the neurobiology undergraduate course (which was great fun). I've also gotten some reading done, not only on new exciting articles, but also on Evolution by Douglas Futuyma, which we're analyzing as a sort of literature course in my department. So I've been busy, busy, busy which isn't really a problem 'cause I like it that way. But it means that the rest of my retort to the creationist lecture will have to wait until I find some time to finish it. Most of it is done but I don't want to break it down even more than it is.

What makes things a bit difficult is that I seem to have contracted a rather bothersome ear infection in my right ear. Fortunately it hasn't managed to keep me in bed all day (only when the ache and the fever and the swollen throbbing lymph-nodes were too tiresome to handle) and I am feeling much better now, even though my ear and throat still hurt.

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