November 23, 2010

I'm featured at Science 3.0

Pretty cool news... My last post was nominated in an evolution blogging contest at Science 3.0. The contest goes on until the end of November so please go visit my entry page at Science 3.0 and show your appreciation to help my chances with the editorial committee. The post is partly being judged on reader appreciation. If you won't do it for me, do it for the discus fish. Check out the other entries in the contest while you're at it, there's some interesting stuff there. I've never been nominated for anything, much less won, and my blog gets only a small (but steady) amount of traffic, so it feels pretty nice to be acknowledged. Thanks to Daniel Mietchen for nominating me.

Science 3.0 is a newly started online community of science bloggers and commenters trying to use a social media format to promote science. It looks like it's in a very early stage, but they seem well-connected and have a pretty nice thing going so far. I like their focus on Open Access and Creative Commons publishing, which I'm also very strongly in favor of. Thanks to Creative Commons my post could be published there and shared with a lot of people before I was even aware I was nominated.

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