December 13, 2009

Nobel season '09: The lectures

I've gone to at least one of the Nobel lectures here in Uppsala every year for some years now, but in the last few years they've scheduled them on weekends, which sucks, and right now I have a ton of things that need to get done here at home. Luckily then Uppsala Universitet is webcasting them live today so I won't have to get all the way downtown and fight for a seat with overeager Chinese master students chasing photo-ops with the laureates. I won't claim I'm not guilty of the same thing; previous years I've been able to meet the laureates, link, link, link, Andrew Fire and Craig Mello were particularly charming and very talkative; but lately it's reached ridiculous proportions and the laureates get whisked away rather quickly.

Another advantage is that I can be at two places at once and catch the first chemistry lecture and then the medicine/physiology lectures.

>> Update

The medicine and chemistry Nobel lecture webcasts have been uploaded here.

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