July 25, 2009

Oh right... I went to Hong Kong

So yeah... I came home from Hong Kong like a month ago, but I've neglected writing about it. I've had a lot of work to get ahead on, which is exciting, and right now I'm out at my parents' taking it easy for a few weeks.

More photos at my Flickr account.

We went to the International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology and a satellite Symposium for Fish Growth and Reproduction. I was a seminar speaker at the larger meeting, so the trip was associated with some additional excitement and nervousness for me. It all went really well though and I had a lot of interesting discussions and got a lot of useful feedback for my work.

These kind of meetings are really for the people in the field, lots of fish stuff naturally, and the talks very rarely have some sort of broad general appeal. I got some ideas for a few things I could write about, but in general there wasn't really anything I found I wanted to blog about. Besides, between all the talks and putting my seminar together, I was busy.

I didn't have much time to get to all the touristy sights either, and the weather wasn't really on my side anyway as tropical storm Nangka decided to stop by. I still got a pretty good view of the city, ate some really great food, and in general got the whole Hong Kong experience for ten days. Lovely.

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