January 23, 2009

On hiatus

I'm on an indefinite hiatus from most of my reading and blogging right now. Since the month before christmas holidays I've been doing quite a lot of teaching and preparing the lectures and labs has taken much of my time and energy. I just finished a week of teaching neuroanatomy, 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of lab demonstration, and still to come is an electrophysiology computer lab, 4 hours of lectures on biological rhythms, a literature seminar and of course correcting exams. I still have a few exam questions to correct from a previous course. At the same time I'm in the final stages of one of my research projects so I'm trying to get that ready for publication as quickly as possible. It's all great fun but there's not too much of me left over for everything else.

There are a some posts from the past months that I started writing and then never had the time to finish. I might be getting those done and posting them retroactively in the coming weeks but otherwise expect this space to be even a bit less active than it usually is.

Speaking about my research project, our team issued a press-release about a month ago concerning the very successful year we had. Members of my group published 6 articles in some well-respected journals concerning the quadruplication of the vertebrate genomes and how this relates to the genetic complexity that underlies many of the processes that go on in our brains. You can read the press-release here.

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