November 15, 2007

New job status

I signed my work contract this Tuesday, finally, and today I got my copy of it back signed by both my supervisor and the prefect of the department. I'm officially a PhD student in medical sciences now. I was accepted on October 30 but today everything was finalized.

I checked the Uppsala Universitet online staff catalog just in case and sure enough, there I am.


  1. Tackar så hjärtligt! *kram*

  2. I am a little, a little bit drunk... not enough to realize how good is this, and how proud I am of you.
    You deserve this and more
    Now, everything starts! exitos infinitos

    La patria se enorgullece

    (no puedo creer que te escribi en ingles, haha)

  3. You're the coolest!

  4. Thank you! You are too kind.


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